The Iron Man :Moran Graded Readers Level 3.

by Lemow

  • ISBN: 9789966344236
  • SKU: 2010141001840

This story revolves around a talented blacksmith who was ordered by the king to make a man of iron and if he could not do it, then he would be killed. The frustrated blacksmith tried to think of ways he could do it but in vain. When he had despaired, his wise wife gave him an idea that could save his life. He was asked to demand some special things from the king: hair from all the kings subjects and a hundred pots of tears that could be used to make a special kind of fire which could then be used to make a living man from iron. The king tried to look for these things but his people could not produce the required amount of tears! He had to call off the assignment. The life of the talented blacksmith was spared. The wise wife had done all these.

KES 335

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