Vikas Drawing & Colouring C

by Narvekar

  • ISBN: 9788124307755
  • SKU: 2010132000032

Vikas Drawing and Colouring is a series of 10 books in Art Education with a very fresh look. Prepared for students from KG to Secondary levels, these books are designed with a vision of the interests as well as needs of children at various stages.Book C, the third book in the series, provides graded colouring exercises for prep kids. What's more, this book teaches the children the basics of drawing. Children are taught to draw slant lines, criss-cross lines, curves, wavy lines, etc., and are encouraged to make independent drawings.Certain basic painting techniques like scribbling and patch-making are also introduced along with other modes of art like collage work. These activities are hoped to arouse the innate creativity of children.

KES 400

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