Flash Disks

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    1. Sandisk 64GB Flash Disk
      Sandisk 64GB Flash Disk
      KES 2,600
    2. Sandisk 32GB Flash Disk
      Sandisk 32GB Flash Disk
      KES 1,300
    3. Sandisk 16GB Flash Disk
      Sandisk 16GB Flash Disk
      KES 850
    4. SanDisk Flash Disk 32gb OTG usb
      SanDisk Flash Disk 32gb OTG usb
      KES 1,800
    5. Iconix OTG Mobile 32Gb
      Iconix OTG Mobile 32Gb
      KES 1,950
      Out of stock
    6. Iconix 32 GB Flashdisk
      Iconix 32 GB Flashdisk
      KES 1,700
      Out of stock
    7. Iconix 4Gb Flashdisk
      Iconix 4Gb Flashdisk
      KES 900
    8. Iconix OTG Mobile 16Gb
      Iconix OTG Mobile 16Gb
      KES 1,550
      Out of stock
    9. Sandisk Cruizer Fit 64GB
      Sandisk Cruizer Fit 64GB
      KES 3,650
    10. Sony Flash Disk 16GB/L
      Sony Flash Disk 16GB/L
      KES 850
    11. Sony Flash Disk 8GB/L
      Sony Flash Disk 8GB/L
      KES 725
    12. Iconix USB Flashdrive 8GB
      Iconix USB Flashdrive 8GB
      KES 1,100
    13. Silicon Power 8Gb for Android
      Silicon Power 8Gb for Android
      KES 935
      Out of stock