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  1. Methods in Meat Science
    Methods in Meat Science
    by Jaypee Brothers
    KES 1,350
  2. Oxford Dictionary of Animal Behaviour
    Oxford Dictionary of Animal Behaviour
    by Oxford
    KES 1,390
  3. Organic Chemistry DeMystified
    Organic Chemistry DeMystified
    by Bloch, McGraw-Hill
    KES 2,076
  4. Schaums Analytical Chemistry
    Schaums Analytical Chemistry
    by Adon Gordus
    KES 1,450
  5. Medical Parasitology 9ED
    Medical Parasitology 9ED
    by John, Petri, Saunders
    KES 6,450
  6. Finite Element Analysis 2ED
    Finite Element Analysis 2ED
    by Bhavikatti, New Age
    KES 1,100
  7. Chemistry: Atoms first 2ED
    Chemistry: Atoms first 2ED
    by Burdge, McGraw-Hill
    KES 3,450