Company Law 3rd Edition

by John Joseph Ogola

  • ISBN: 9966011374
  • SKU: 2020201000269

Company Law is a text book on the Company Law of Kenya. It is primarily intended to provide the knowledge required by students sitting the CPA and CPS examinations in Law II, and Company Law, respectively. The text book gives the readers:

  • clear and comprehensive coverage of the subject.
  • over one hundred cases which are relevant to the topics covered.
  • Table A for quick reference.

The text states the relevant rules in a precise manner while the appendix of cases contains the cases which either establish or expound the said rules. Some of the judgements (especially those of the House of Lords) are reproduced at length for the benefit of the reader who is intent on appreciating the judicial reasoning process by which the legal rules were made. With the new syllabus students will be required to learn the legal principles relating to formation, registration, operations and dissolution of co-operative societies which was not part of company law course. Similarly, the first and second edition did not address the law relating to companies incorporated outside Kenya, an issue that has now been addressed throughout the various chapters in the book.

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