KCSE Masterpiece Rev Biology Data analysis

by Obuong

Data analysis and graphical methods are core themes in Biology at all levels. It is probably the only way that we can assess a student at higher levels of testing such as analysis, synthesis and evaluation. Unfortunately, this area is easily lost with the common focus on content at the expense of depth of understanding. Students have the content but quite a number miss on applying this content to new situations — and this is analysis.

This latest Masterpiece Biology book aspires to fill that gap — provide learners with a unique way of practising and understanding data analysis and graphical methods. The introduction gives learners the basics of data analysis and graphical methods. The revision questions are topically arranged in a manner that intertwines chronologically with specific syllabus objectives. All topics which have specific objectives that are testable beyond comprehension have been included and are organized into units from 1 through to form 4.

This approach shows great respect for the student. It treats the student as an intelligent person who is interested, motivated, and able to leam. It is the standard approach for more advanced texts, but it's not always found in revision books. The graphs have been manually plotted and hand drawn to give the flair and uniqueness that is akin to Biology graphs. Moreover, it is probably the first book to remind candidates that there are multiple ways of representing data, other than line graphs.

We are certain there are few revision books of this kind— a book that boldly picks a tiny yet challenging key area in Biology and delves into it this deeply and this broadly. It's a considerable achievement to be able to write about a highly technical area this deeply and this thoroughly, and Still put it in ideas and concepts that the high school student can understand.

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