KCSE Score More Agriculture

by Ouko

This KCSE SCORE MORE revision book covers the secondary school AGRICULTURE syllabus content from Form One to Form Four. The book prepares candidates for the KCSE national examinations.

Key Features

* The book is divided into TWO units: Unit 1 covers Paper 443/1 and Unit 2 covers Paper 443/2

* Each unit is divided into various chapters

* There are review questions after every chapter

* The questions carry the same weight as the KCSE examination

* Content is covered in a simple format and beautifully arranged in neatly designed pages

* 14 model KCSE test papers for Paper 442/1 and Paper 442/3

* Answers for the review questions and model test papers are provided

The authors of this book are highly experienced in the area having taught in leading schools. They are also examiners in the subject.

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