KLB Visionary IRE Learner's Grade 5 (Approved)

KLB Visionary Islamic Religious Education Grade 5 Learner's Book is aimed at equipping the learner with knowledge, skills, competences, and desired attitudes that enhance morals, values, and spiritual development.
• It is developed in line with the requirements of Grade Five Competency-Based Curriculum design. 
• The learning experiences are aligned with the thematic integrated approach thus presenting concepts in the most appropriate way for learners at this level. 
• This book is majorly illustrated to enliven the content with the text following the design closely. 
• It has employed a learner-centered approach where all experiences are centered on the learner's interests, knowledge, and application to real-life situations in line with the Life Approach Method of teaching Religion. 
• Every lesson draws experiences from learner's day-to-day activities at home, school, or madrassa/dugsi. 
• The book has numerous practical activities that enable the learner to acquire the required competences and skills without undue difficulty. 
• Simple exercises like singing anashids, group discussions, reciting, and memorising verses of the Qur'an are integrated within the lessons to enhance active participation and enjoyment by the learner.

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