Let her fly

by Malala

  • ISBN: 9780753552988
  • SKU: 2030301006677

A moving, deeply personal memoir by Ziauddin Yousafzai, father of Malala

For over twenty years, Ziauddin has been fighting for equality. First for Malala, his daughter - and now for girls throughout the world.

Let Her Fly charts Ziauddin’s journey from a boy in a small village in the mountains of Pakistan, to becoming a powerful activist for equality on an international stage. Told through intimate portraits of each of Ziauddin’s closest relationships — as a son, a father, a husband and a brother — Let Her Fly reflects on what it means to love, to have the courage and fight for what is inherently right. It provides a vital new perspective on why we must all keep fighting for the futures of girls and women everywhere.

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