Longhorn Environmental Activities Learnrer's Book PP2 (Approved)

by Longhorn

  • ISBN: 9789966640772
  • SKU: 2010123000870

Longhorn Environmental Activities for Pre-Primary 2 Learner's Book is a new coursebook that has been developed in line with the new competency-based curriculum for pre-primary education. It aims at enabling learners to explore. experiment and interact with the immediate environment. It also enables learners to acquire skills that promote good health, safety, environmental conservation and appreciation of our rich cultural diversity. 

The book:

• enhances learning by discovery through numerous activities based on everyday life experiences.

• incorporates pertinent and contemporary issues in an interactive and child-friendly manner.

• has simplified curriculum-based activities that help learners in the acquisition of core competences. 

• is beautifully illustrated to hold the child's attention and make learning stimulating and enjoyable. 


KES 320

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