Recipe for Success: An Insider's Guide to Bringing Your Natural Food to Market

Now is the perfect time to turn your culinary hobby into the moneymaker your friends keep telling you it can be

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Did your special spicy pickles sell like gangbusters at the school fundraiser? Does everyone beg you to bring your crunchy coconut granola to their dinner party? Are your oatmeal raisin cookies always the hit at the church potluck? With the ever-increasing demand for natural foods, and more customers than ever willing to pay more for them, today is the day to use those old family recipes to fatten your bank account.But as with most things, turning your kitchen into a moneymaker is easier said than done. The path to retail success is strewn with obstacles--Who is your target market? What sets your product apart? What's your perfect price point?--unless you have the guidance of someone who's been there and done that. In Recipe for Success, natural foods specialist Abigail Steinberg has provided for you the benefit of an expert's in-depth experience, taking you from initial concept of an idea to cashing out, and covering everything in between. Learn to:* Package and launch your product* Work effectively with distributors* Win the fiercely competitive battle for store placement* Prepare for trade shows* Negotiate broker partnerships* And moreMake no mistake: the natural foods industry is not user-friendly, but with this indispensable guide you can avoid the common--and highly expensive--traps many start-ups fall into . . . and make your dream business a delicious reality.


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