Sugar Daddys Lover

Aggy, an eighteen-year old schoolgirl, in her first burst of passion marries a rich man of 40, who unknown to her has had several unsuccessful marriages. The first few months of married life offer contentment and bliss—before her husband, Abed, seems to undergo a sudden change and begins to subject Aggy first to neglect and then to brutality. Before long Aggy, imma-ture and inexperienced, is caught up in a net of domestic terror. Then she rediscovers Tony, her former lover, the man, so it now seems, she should have married in the first place. Torn between a brutal husband with a questionable past and a young handsome lover with an unknown future, she has to fight hard to deliver both herself and her man from the wreck of her marriage. A human story of a young girl's immature entry into marriage and her struggles to change the pain and problems of married life into mature fulfilment.   

KES 406

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