The Sinister Trophy

by John Kiriamiti

The Sinister Trophy Son of Fate, life is a grim, long and fruitless struggle for survival after he is released from Kamiti Maximum Prison. He tries his hand at farming, tilling a small piece of land left to him by his grandmother, but rural life proves unappealing to him. Son of Fate, therefore, decides to try his luck in the city. Here he ends up sleeping on the pavements - otherwise known as the 'missing line' - when the money runs out Then he starts doing odd jobs: being a watchman, shoe shining, selling fruits and second-hand clothes. But everything fails and he constantly finds himself on the wrong side of the law becoming a hunted man once again. This is until the day he rescues a tycoon from the mouth of a python - then comes a glimmer of hope. That is the point at which we part ways with him in the story Son of Fate. But then the Son of Fate bounces back in The Sinister Trophy; a trophy sought after by so many - and they will stop at nothing virtually nothing - to get the trophy. What is it about this menacing trophy? 

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