Vention Wifi Display Adapter 2.4G


1. Single-frequency 2.4 G is designed with 2.4 G technology, supporting 802.11 AC protocol, file transmission, video viewing, clear and smooth.

2. Wireless connection video, audio real-time push, to meet the various needs of entertainment work.

3. It supports the 4K*2K resolution, just like the experience of HD big screen.

4. The mobile phone connects to a car screen, which makes it more convenient to watch movies, listen to music and navigate maps.

5. Support most smart devices such as Android/for Apple/tablet/laptop.

Connection Mode:

1. Direct Connection Mode: Simple steps, easy to use, convenient and fast, even without wireless networks, can also achieve the same frequency.

2. APP Model: It can be set through APP, WiFi can be connected, resolution and other parameters can be set, and the effect of wireless co-frequency is better than that of direct connection.

3. DLAN Connection: Even if the mobile phone/tablet does not support wireless co-screen, it can also connect through DLAN to achieve wireless co-screen. Besides wireless co-screen, the mobile phone can also operate Wechat, QQ and browser.

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