My Reading Diary Level 2

by Story Moja

If you want to be smarter, more attractive and interesting, read more storybooks. If you want to be more creative so you can become an innovator or entrepreneur one day, read more storybooks. If you want a successful career and contribute to national development in the future, read more storybooks. Fill your diary every time you read. Show your parents or guardian your diary and tell them about what you read. Compare your diary with your friends and celebrate how many books you read. Reading empowers! Reading is cool! Reading is good for you!


Enjoy quality time with your child by reading together. Your child will love books for life and learn better if you follow these ten easy steps.

1. Read with your child in a quiet, relaxed setting such as bedtime.

2. Make it fun by reading the whole story with expression. Aim for the enjoyment of the story.

3. The next time you read the story, point to the words as you read.

4. Check for understanding by asking easy questions about the pictures, characters, and story, but please do not turn the session into an examination.

5. Find something to praise. Be positive. Shower your child with praise.

6. Read the same story on many occasions.

7. Over time, encourage your child to try and read the words or story to you.

8. Buy your child a variety of fun books such as picture books, comics, audiobooks and information books.

9. Show interest in what your child reads, ask questions and talk about stories you read in books.

10. Inspire your child to rate books highly. Let your child see you reading your own books.

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